• Our staff are
    reliable, dependable
    and easy to work
    with to ensure that
    the required results
    are achieved.

Experienced, Practical and Dependable

ThirdBase is a process improvement software and services firm established in 2011 to assist organisations to increase business performance. Our Consultants are experienced, practical and dependable process improvement specialists who have a track record in working effectively with client staff to ensure the required results are achieved.

ThirdBase provides experienced professional staff who take a practical approach to getting the results you need.  With ThirdBase you know who you're getting.

Broad Industry Experience

We work across industries and have experience across a range of industries and lines of business including: Banking and Finance, Insurance, Utilities, Human Relations, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Information Technology, Consumer Products, Media, Transportation and Storage, Labour Associations, Leasing, Not-For-Profit, and Telecommunications.

Visibility of Company-wide Processes

A key feature of our offering is the ThirdBaseCI system for managing and improving business processes. ThirdBaseCI is supported by our technology partner Redgum Technologies (www.redgum.com.au).



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The Three Bases

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The Three Bases