Fairfax Media

Fairfax Media

Process Design and Change Management

Fairfax Media deployed a group-wide ERP system solution covering its procurement, financial accounting and management information requirements to enable greater integration of information and standardisation of processes.

ThirdBase was engaged to provide change management services on the project to ensure that as the software was progressively rolled out, each transition to the new way of working ran as smoothly as possible. For each rollout across the Group, ThirdBase provided the following services:

  • Process Design: Definition of how Fairfax Media’s business processes would operate under the ERP system so that staff could easily understand how things would operate.
  • Change Management: Identification of change impacts on the business. Identification, assignment and management of integrated change actions to enable smooth cutover to the new way of working.
  • Project Communications: Identification and preparation communications to ensure stakeholders were appropriately informed about the changes being brought about by the project.



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