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Business Process Management Software for Continuous Improvement & Quality Management

ThirdBaseCI software helps organisations manage change and improve the outcomes of performance improvement initiatives. It connects:

- Business Processes and Metrics
- Process Ownership
- Documentation
- Training
- Audits
- Ideas and Issues
- Improvement Solutions and
- Change Actions

All in one simple system that everyone in the organisation can access.

ThirdBaseCI software supports improvement programs including
Process Improvement, Business Process Management, Continuous Improvement,
Quality Management and Lean Six Sigma.


Features - Take a look at what the Software provides ...

Process DocumentationProcess

Processes, procedures and training package documentation is published online using your own documentation formats (i.e. load any type of document).

  • Leverages existing investment in your own documentation.
  • Everyone knows what to do and how to do it.
  • Quick and easy access to process maps, procedures, documentation and training packages.
  • Improves time, cost and quality performance of business processes.

Training Training

Documents can be packaged into multimedia presentations with sound-bytes and video to be used for training and change management purposes.

  • Online process training scheduled for staff when needed and training history recorded.

Key Performance

Define the KPIs relevant to each process and provide easy access to your organisation's performance statistics.

  • KPIs and performance measurements are always on hand and up to date.

Process Improvement Management and ImplementationProcess Improvement
Management and

Structured path to manage process improvements through to implementation. Capture, review and approval of improvement opportunities.

  • Performance Improvement becomes a sustainable way of operating.
  • Supports Six Sigma, Lean, ISO, Continuous Improvement, Process Improvement and TQM methodologies
  • Leverage the experience and knowledge of staff to achieve a continuously improving mode of operation.

Process AuditsProcess

Automatic scheduling, notification and tracking of audits due. Corrective actions are assigned and linked to each audit. Provides history of audits performed and associated corrective actions.

  • Simple and reliable management of audits to ensure work is performed consistently in accordance with desired practice.
  • Easy access to audits, reports and status of corrective actions.

Action ManagementAction

Provides a structured approach to capturing change actions for processes, audits and improvement opportunities and tracks them through to completion.

  • Effective management and visibility of actions to be completed.
  • Automated email notifications of actions assigned and date due.

Status DashboardsStatus

Monitor improvement, status of processes, audits, outstanding actions and changes implemented.

  • Dashboard screens provide a snapshot of the current state of an organisation's processes viewed from the perspective of an everyday user, process owner or auditor.
  • Performance monitoring to ensure compliance with desired way of working.
  • Management has visibility and control.

Automated NotificationsAutomated

Email reminders for actions due, audits and improvement opportunities.

  • Automated email notification capability provides the originator and receiver with regular feedback about any actions, improvement ideas, audits and training packages.

Forms Letters ScriptsForms, Letters,
Scripts, Glossary

Forms, letters, scripts and glossary are kept up to date and online for easy access.

  • Standard templates, letters and forms can be accessed quickly and easily online when staff need them to complete a task.




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